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BOSSS entrance examination  pass mark is 70%. This means that every new student takes off his/her academic journey in and with BOSSS on a moderate high note.  It is indeed a decent take off  grade for BOSSS new students. In other words, BOSSS does not want her students to start on a deficit note. Children offered admission, come ready for WHOLE CHILD EDUCATION

With her rigorous curriculum, quality teachers and facilities, spiritual and character formation programs,  each student is expected to  grow only in one direction upward.

However, if by chance, in the course of the academic journey, a child begins to slack even below BOSSS benchmark, 65% for termly examination, the student will be registered for intervention to boost his or her academic performance.

Meanwhile, the student’s (indeed all students) academic progress is monitored right from the first day by the school through the teachers, form teachers, dean and principal.  From the homefront, parents, guardians, private teachers etc, take charge. It must be noted that the monitoring  is  coordinated.

From experience, BOSSS intervention program also known as Extramural with other performance enhancement programs have been helpful. But if after all these efforts, a child still fails to make the 65% benchmark at the end of the third term, a child will be retained. In other words, the child will not be promoted to the next class. The logic is that the child in question is not prepared for the next class and its challenges.

Another reason is that BOSSS desires her students register and are academically and psychologically ready for all external exams, which include Junior and senior NECO, WAEC, State exams and British exams.

Finally, BOSSS neither dreams nor wishes that any of her students should be retained. Retention, is only a last resort measure, to promote sound teaching and learning at BOSSS.

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